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  • Camiseta con las islas de HawaiiCamiseta islas de Hawaii

    Lightning Bolt camiseta con las islas de Hawaii

  • Caiseta tabla de surfCamiseta tabla de surf

    Lightning Bolt camiseta tabla de surf

  • Cazadora navy co cremalleraCazadora navy con cierre de cremallera

    Lightning Bolt Cazadora regular con cremallera

  • Hoodie sweatshirt celadon color

    Lightning Bolt Celadon hoodie

  • Green t-shirt with sea wave back print

    Lightning bolt Green t-shirt with sea wave back print

  • Sudadera con cremallera y capucha verdeSudadera con cremallera y capucha

    Lightning Bolt hoodie con cremallera print tabla de surf

  • Water repellent ponchoWater repellent poncho

    Lightning Bolt Poncho impermeable

  • GREY HOODIE BLUE PRINT FRONT AND BACKSudadera con capucha gris y print navy delante y en la espalda

    Lightning Bolt Sudadera con capucha gris y print azul


    Lightning Bolt Sudadera cuello alto con cremallera

  • Sudadera BurdeosSudadera burdeos con print circular de mar y rayo en la espalda

    Lightning Bolt Sudadera polar color burdeos con print

  • Sudadera surfero verde claroSudadera surfero verde clara

    Lightning Bolt Sudadera verde claro surf 1971

  • Plain turttle boardshortTraje de Baño liso naranja oscuro

    Lightning Bolt_ Plain turtle boardshort burnt color

  • Traje de baño verde con el logo del rayo en contrasteParte de atrás traje de baño verde

    Lightning Bolt_ Plain turtle boardshort Kombu green


This brand was borned in Hawaii 1971 to represent the true spirit of surfing and inspired one of the most iconic lifestyles of the last century.
The history of Lightning Bolt goes back to when the style of surf was being redefined, when there no limits for Hawaiian surfers as the mythic Gerry Lopez and Rory Russell. Nobody surfed Pipeline as they did. They were the Style Masters. The world was mesmerized by these surfers who matched Pipeline’s power and beauty with grace.
Pipeline became the most famous wave in the world and since then the Bolt became the most popular brand image on surfboards… the first thing coming out of the tubes. The symbol meant energy – the energy of Hawaiian surf, but also the energy of human physicality and artistry to make the surfboards to ride that energy deeper, faster and more radical.
In the mid ‘70s the company moved into clothing: practical trunks for surfing and t-shirts for cruising. The world wanted that Bolt energy, and the clothing line exploded like a spitting wave at the Pipeline, inspired in its riders lifestyle.
Today Lightning Bolt continues to inspire a new generation of surfers, those who praise the original soul surfing values and who believe that surf is more than just a sport – it is a way of life. A cool and relaxed attitude, a soul surfer and a free rider state of mind.